“Life has taken some interesting twists and turns for Kristin Cappiello, the South Florida unique singer songwriter singer equally known for belting out incredibly soulful blues.20914392_10214214513462639_7710285785771154839_n

“Life is a journey,” says Kristin. “I don’t think there is a destination.”

About to go into overdrive, the new mother is no longer putting music on hold as she has for two decades.28055789_10160027735825022_5707811528133399018_n

“I really wasn’t focused on being a musician until recently,” she says. “And it’s more because I think I have something to offer now. As a new mom I have new inspiration.”
At first it seemed like Kristin would be pursuing music from the beginning. “I always wanted to sing and when I was 13 my mother bought me a guitar and I taught myself how to play. And by the time I was 20 I was playing gigs.”

Then a record contract came along but Kristin turned it down because “it was like the record company owned you.” Instead she began a period of what she calls “a lavish party lifestyle” that didn’t go well.

“My 20s were a tough time. I lost both my parents, struggled with addictions and learned that life is a series of trials. The accidents in our life are opportunists to learn, a form of training. Life is a choice. You can choose to be a victim or anything else you’d like to be.”

Today Kristin spends most of her time focusing on her children , aside from working as a Inspiring Musical Therapist , specializing in substance abuse and addiction.
She continues to perform regularly throughout the South Florida area , playing favorite songs and original melodies , all of which clearly speak from the soul.
She has played numerous fundraising events throughout the years , many of which include recovery based events. She loves lending her talent to public events in need and of purpose. Her original style has been compared to artist from Natalie Merchant to Carol King , some even stating that she sounds like Ricky Lee Jones to Bonnie Raitt. Kristin finds much of her inspiration from the life challenges she has been faced along with the strength and courage she has found through her faith. Her goal is to one day release a spiritual based , gospel like album, full of hopeful music to perhaps inspire those who have been where she once was , hopeless and stuck.

Place We Have Played :
Hollywood Hardrock
Coconut Creek Casino
Various Hotels across South Florida
Small clubs venues though out South Florida ..
Trinity Church NJ
Knowton Presbyterian Church NJ
And so much more …..

” Praise God for music” – Kristin Cappiello